Author’s Pick (Submission) – Adina E


ALWAYS :: Adina E :: Alternative/Bossa Nova

“May your dreams come to life and may your life be a dream” Adina E declares on her Facebook page, and her bizarre video for ALWAYS directly reflects this fantastical outlook. This Israeli-born artist has had a long and winding path to musical artistry, not pursuing a professional career until her mid-40’s,  but listening to this particular track, the smooth vocals and new-age production don’t allow you to tell her apart from a much younger artist. Quite frankly, the sexuality and otherworldliness of the video seems more like something Lady Gaga would come up with, especially the costumes and setting. The artist performs with the air of somebody who’s experienced the nuances of musical art for decades, although this isn’t quite the case here. Her self-titled album is out on iTunes today. Sounds like: a calm, jazz-influenced Empress Of


One thought on “Author’s Pick (Submission) – Adina E

  1. Hey Jared, Thanks for the great write up about the clip. The clip is a bit of a stretch but there is no end to the imagination and you can never know what adventures await when you enter in an enchanted forest. I am lucky to be living my dream. Hope you will live yours!! Regards Adina E


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