High Five – 04/20/2016


1. CAVES :: Sea Bed :: House

Firstly, this song is incredible, lyrically and tonally both. Secondly, Brighton-based Sea Bed’s use of house elements is fantastic, both simple and intricate in the same stroke. Thirdly, do not stop here. The rest of their debut EP, even the sixty-second intro track, is beautiful and just as mesmerizing. I’m thoroughly thrilled that I stumbled across them this week, and will be diligently searching for more releases. Sounds like: Made in Heights meets Flume, Jess Glynne with heavier beats

2. KINGDOM :: Auguste :: Alternative

I can’t even call this pop music, even though it may sound like it, because the components and vocals are too eclectic and dark for me to classify. Beautiful layering and harmony between the two Australian female vocalists wraps around a swirling, start-stop beat that forces the listener to catch their breath. And by no means ignore the gorgeous visual, which I’ve linked below. Sounds like: A younger and brighter Kaleida, classical-driven electro

3. IRIS :: Valley Hush :: Electronic

I was hesitant about sharing this track because I’m selfish. I wanted to keep Detroit-based Valley Hush to myself because they’re obviously going to blow up soon, and it feels good having your own little secret artist to keep watch over until they hit the big-time. But this delicious mix of organic electronica and R&B is too innovative to keep under wraps. Sounds like: Purity Ring, Banks, and Grimes over a surprisingly natural soundscape

4. PLUCKY :: Morly :: Trip-hop

Morly is a young electro-pop innovator, and her recent effort (the stunning Something More Holy EP) is four tracks of pure sonic relaxation. PLUCKY, her most upbeat effort to date, is an ode to departure and loss, rich with snaps and intricately layered vocals. Fingers crossed that an album is coming soon, but for now, I’m content. Sounds like: Banks with a happier outlook and fewer synths, Marika Hackman tries her hand at hip-hop

5. FAR :: So Below :: Electronic

Who is this person, and why is she so brilliant? A fitting closer to this week’s High Five, So Below is an intergalactic New Zealand synth-pop artist by the name of Maddie North, and she’s caught onto something incredible with her self-titled EP. It’s a maelstrom of looped synthesizers and slamming drums, high-octane and breathless. Sounds like: the horror-pop vibe of Allie X meets the effortless vocals of Priest


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