High Five – 04/27/2016


1. SOMETHING WRONG :: Frank Gamble :: Alternative

Frank Gamble is the single most interesting act I’ve encountered in months, and I have no idea who they are. An enigmatic and ominous alternative pop (?) act involving an anonymous female vocalist, this project has just the mysterious aesthetic and dark synth-laden vibe that will hold my attention until more is revealed, and then some. Sounds like: a less cheerful Tove Styrke, Läpsley’s manipulated vocals meet Elohim’s psycho-thriller pop

2. IT MEANS I LOVE YOU :: Jessy Lanza :: Trip-hop

Honestly, this song creeps me out. The elements are dissonant, warped, and immaculately produced, as is all of Lanza’s work– she’s an electro-R&B producer operating out of Ontario, and her new album releases May 13th, rightfully entitled Oh No. Check out her first album, Pull My Hair Back, and second single VV VIOLENCE if you’re into it. Sounds like: Jessie Ware with a vicious edge, Hannah Diamond without the glittery pop sheen 

3. GOLDEN AGE :: Lanks :: Alternative

Lanks’ first two EPs didn’t appeal to me so much (a bit subdued for my taste, I believe), but this song caught me by the throat within the first ten seconds. It’s an industrial alt-pop firecracker led by an ear-worm chorus and a fantastic horn-driven hook. Feel free to look up this Melbourne producer/vocalist’s other singles as well. Sounds like: an upbeat Glass Animals, Hozier plus a few dozen layers of bass

4. FOREST :: Giungla :: Alternative Rock

A hard-hitting and distorted rock track with pop roots, Giungla has created a head-banging two-and-a-half-minute masterpiece. Her earlier single SAND hinted at this greatness, and now I can hardly stop listening. Look out for her EP on May 20th. Sounds like: Wolf Alice’s blaring guitar meets Marian Hill’s onomatopoeic drops

5. LOOKING AT YOU :: LOOP :: Electronic Pop

LOOP is an up-and-coming vocalist with insanely catchy pop tunes to offer. LOOKING AT YOU is her second single, and it boasts an explosive chorus and tongue-twister verses recited at the speed of light in a sultry croon. Don’t miss out on this one– this is exactly the sort of music that pop radio would snatch up in a second, if only they knew it existed. Sounds like: Frankie played at a higher tempo, Allie X abandons atmosphere in favor of adrenaline


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