Author’s Pick – Björk


INNOCENCE :: Björk :: Electronic

Apple Music is a wonderful thing. You can download entire discographies for no price whatsoever, all at the click of a mouse. I did this with Björk’s stuff last week, and have spent the last fourteen days exploring all eight of her artistically brilliant and undeniably bombastic eight albums. This is my favorite track she has ever released. The first verse and chorus hit me hard– I can apply them easily to my personal life, my writing, and my overall way of life, ever since the onset of adulthood at 18. It’s a huge, synth-heavy, ridiculously powerful number, from her sixth album Volta. From least to most impressive (although all are worth at least one listen), I’d rank this Icelandic wunderkind’s works as follows: Biophilia, Vespertine, Volta, Debut, Post, Homogenic, Vulnicura, Medulla. The latter is entirely vocal-based, without a single live instrument within earshot. Mystical and mind-blowing. “Neurosis only attaches itself to fertile ground where it can flourish.”


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