High Five – 07/04/2016


1. SCREAM MY NAME :: Tove Lo :: Alternative Pop

Honestly, this is futile. Everyone who’s on this page right now knows Tove Lo, and everyone who knows Tove Lo probably knows this song. But I’ve been away from RE for too long and I’m digging it right now. It boasts a fairly moody, tonally triumphant, and ultimately bone-crushing chorus featuring Tove’s trademark furious vocals. Her voice is an explosion, as usual. Crossing my fingers for another album this year. Sounds like: a Scandinavian Elohim, Grimes goes literal, a louder and more pop-centric Banks

2. YOU DON’T GET ME HIGH ANYMORE :: Phantogram :: Electronic

This should have been number one this week, but it’s late and I’m discombobulated. New York duo Phantogram, consisting of Josh and Sarah, makes a welcome return to dark electro (not to say their rap stuff was less striking, but it may have been less to my taste), tossing in a heap of hard rock and R&B to boot. I want to delete all the spaces in this song’s title and put a hashtag in front of it so it gains popularity. Isn’t that what the young ones do these days? Sounds like: a more upbeat GEMS, Giungla with a radio-friendly charm, Wolf Alice tosses in a handful of creative synths

3. I WANT YOU :: Marian Hill :: Alternative

Philadelphia duo Jeremy and Samantha released so much music this year it made my head spin. I consider myself lucky to have all 21 original tracks from them stored safely on my iPhone, and even luckier to have caught each single as it hit the blogosphere. This is one of my favorite tracks from their electro-jazz debut, ACT ONE. My true favorite, though, would be Sad Song. I can’t find a copy of that online, so I’m pouting. Hop on board. Sounds like: Ofelia K with lots of horns and drums, Kiiara without all the machinery, Allyson Ezell plus a few more inorganic materials

4. JONI :: Braids :: Alternative

If you do not like this band, goodbye. I attended a little intimate concert of theirs with my partner this summer, met the lead singer Raphaelle, and was thoroughly astounded by the live vocals. They are delightful, down-to-earth, and incredibly talented people. JONI is their best and latest effort. It’s worth a listen or five, and boasts some of the most beautiful lyrics I’ve ever heard. Sounds like: a fast and brighter Kaleida, Made in Heights with rock elements, Björk with a few more drops of pop

5. HUMMINGBIRD :: Kyla La Grange :: Alternative Pop

I was aware of Kyla’s presence before this release, but never paid much attention until this last string of singles. Jeez, what a banger. It’s an intricately produced and gorgeously written piece of music, sprinkled with claps and horns, that sticks in your head like glue. An album should be on its way in the near future. Sounds like: Noonie Bao, Charli XCX, and Cappa tossed into a big happy blender


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